Maddie’s Ice Cream Party

My Maddie just turned 2! Can you believe it? I wasn’t going to throw a party, but she wanted one (or deep down inside, I wanted one).  I collected my research and ideas on Pinterest. Of course, just like for her first birthday, I designed a new Maddie character for the occasion. Maddie had a ton of fun with her friends. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Maddie Ice Cream Character - Copyright © 2013 Tina H. Li

ice cream party display table

ice cream party favors

ice cream party




maddie's ice cream parlor

ice cream for you!

I bought both Play Circle Ice Cream toys from Target and Melissa & Doug Ice Cream scoop toys, but the plastic ones worked out best for their little hands.


Dear Daddy made Maddie an ice cream parlor out of old wardrobe box. Follow instructions from Mommy Babble.



Email me if you’d like a copy of the printables, i.e. invitation, party hat, activity sheet, etc.

Print ohhappyday_partyhats_template ice_cream_party_printables


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