Dolly & Andrew’s Treehouse Childhood Memory Wedding

We loOoooOoved Dolly and Andrew’s treehouse wedding at the Happy Trails Garden in Pasadena. Their wedding was even featured on Thanks to Mark Brooke Photography for sharing the photos! Hair and Make-up by Kelly Zhang.

Dolly and Andrew wanted to include theie\r fondest childhood memory into their wedding theme. There were classic board games and vintage vases with wild flowers as centerpiece. Aisle decor were old tin can telephones. An amazing job done by Honey and Poppies.

We had a ton of fun hanging ribbons on the tree. We also tied strings around the tree and pinned Dolly and Andrew’s childhood photos all over. It was over 100 degrees on their wedding date. Luckily, Dolly and Andrew came up with an ice cream sandwich buffet station, it was fun for the guests and yummy, too. See various wedding details:


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  1. Mrs Quigleys party ideas for kids Says:

    So many things to like here!

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