DIY Wedding Flower Petal Holder for Toss

If your venue allows you to throw petals, then this would be a great and simple way to distribute the petals to your guests. It’s a simple paper pouch made with parchment paper (tracing paper).

Here are the tools and materials you’ll need:

Paper Trimmer, Parchment Paper (tracing paper), Purple Ribbon 1/4" Width, Scotch Tape, Edger Punch (Parisian Pattern)


First decide what size you want the pouch. The picture shown is about 4″x5″. Cut the tracing paper into 8.5″x10.5″. Then fold the paper in half to make an envelop/pouch/holder. Fold up the opening edge (about 1/2 “) and tape it closed. Fold up bottom edge (about 1/2) and tape it shut. Use the edge punch, and punch the opening of your petal holder. Fill the envelope/pouch/holder with flower petals (real or silk) and use 1/4” wide ribbon to tie it to the chair.  You can personalize it with your wedding color ribbons and monogram/initial labels, etc.  That’s it! It’s that simple!


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