DIY money box gift card box

Here’s a quick way to make a wedding card/money box that personalized. Before you run to the shops, check for coupons! I pretty much got free fabric with Joann’s coupons. When you arrive at the retail stores, check the clearance section first to see if there are anything you can use for this project. After all, we’re trying to save $, right?



  • Fabric scissors
  • Sponge brush
  • Ruler
  • Exacto knife or box cutter

Start by closing the flaps of the corrugated box and tape down one side with shipping tape, use a stapler to close the other side (so we can open it later without distroying the box, unless you don’t care, then tape both side closed). Next, hold the box so that the flaps are facing forward (We’re using the flat side as top). Measure 2.5″ – 3″ from left and right. Mark the size of your slot and cut a hole with exacto knife.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric about 13″x10″. These will go on top and bottom of the box. Cut a long piece of the fabric about 45″x11″. This will wrap around the side of the box. Fold down the long side about 1″ in and use craft double sided tape to create a smooth edge. Make sure to measure it on the box so you are exactly at the edge all around.

Add fabric fusion glue around the edges on the top side of the box. Lightly brush the glue in towards the center. Leaving half of an inch (0.5″) of fabric hanging all around, place a piece of 13″x10″ fabric on top and smooth outwards from center to edges. This will glue the fabric to the cardboard box. Wait a minute or two to let it dry. Repeat for bottom side. Wrap the long fabric all the way around the side of the box and pin down the edges with pearl pins, (2-3) on each side should do the trick. Now loop ribbon in the bling bling bouquet buckle and wrap around the side of the box, use pearl pins again to stablize. You can also double the ribbon, just remember to loop both in the buckle before you pin down. The reason we pin down the fabric and ribbon is so that we can open the box later and reuse the box for other events. Almost done, just need to cut the fabric on top of the slot, use double-sided tape and fold and tape the excess fabric inside the box. Finally, add the trim on top of the boxes with fabric fusion glue and you’re done. I jazzed it up with a couple of ribbon roses, you can decorate it however you like.

Other money box/gift card box resources

Design ideas

You can reuse the box for other events, too.


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