Utterly Engaged Spanking New Year Party

Photo by Kien Nguyen

As you know, LA had a week-long rain with lightning and thunder. The weather might have prevented some people from going out, but nOooooo, not me and my circle of event planning professionals. We drove out to Anaheim for the Utterly Engaged Spanking New Year Party at Astor Classics Event Center, hosted by UtterlyEngaged.com.

I met up with my best friends, Kien, from Signature K Events and Floral Design, and Laura, who is getting married in November. We had a good time absorbing all of the creative ideas from other event planners. Laura’s wedding invitation was inspired by one of the tablescape designs.  Steven of chiavarichairrentals.com also came out and met with me, he is providing the lighting and chiavari chair rentals for my sister’s wedding in October. There were lots of yummy snacks, I especially loved the Sticky Pig desserts, mini donuts and corndogs from the Fry Girl, and fluffy cotton candy from Tasty Clouds. Just before we left the party, we met Joseph and Jenny Llanes Wedding Photography. Joseph cleverly showed us his photography portfolio on his iPhone.  I am definitely looking forward to the next Utterly Engaged event.


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