Chinese American Wedding

Yay! I’ve got Kelly & Glen’s wedding photos! WOooohooo! Gavin Holt, the photographer, took some amazing photos. I highly recommend him! Thanks Kel for the awesome review on Project Wedding.

If you’re planning a Chinese American wedding, first learn about some of the chinese wedding traditions, then hit up  Chinese Weddings by the Knot.

Mother of the bride preparing offering to ancestors

Preparing incense

Offerings for the ancestors

Small red lanterns hanging along the fence.

Small red lantern

Mother of the bride performaing Chinese hair combing ceremony while reciting, "First comb to comb till the end, Second comb to bring love and respect till old age, Third comb to bring lots of children and grandchildren".

The groom and his men brought roast pig to bride's family

Traditional chinese wedding door games hosted by the Bridesmaids to make sure the groom proves his love and intent to marry the bride.


Groom and his guys came to fetch the bride

Each of the guys were given a yoga pose and they have to strike the pose and hold it for 10 seconds.

Bridesmaids accepting red envelope from Groom and his men as bribes to get to the bride

The Groom and his guys have to sing "Tell Kelly I love her"

Lyrics to "Tell Kelly I Love her"

The bridesmaids prepared sliced bitter melon for the groomsmen to 'enjoy' as one of the door games

Yummy bitter melon

Taking the bride home

Western Ceremony

Bride and groom offering tea to elders

Chinese wedding tea ceremony

Double happiness red envelope

The bride and groom present towel to Aunt.

Congratulations Kelly & Glen!


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  1. paoling Says:

    love the photography!

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