Lazy Susan Round Table Decor

For the asian brides out there looking for clever ways to decorate their round table with a lazy susan, here are some inspirations I found from asian bridal magazines. If the lazy susan at the restaurant is not appealing, you can always cover it with Sculptware Spandex Cover, (I think the HB round size would be good for lazy susan cover).



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  1. Jane & Rico’s Wedding « In the Clouds Event Planning Weblog Says:

    […] The korean-chinese restaurant, Imperial Mandarin Palace, had a big banquet room that could accommodate 15 tables, but since we only needed 8. the tables in the back of the banquet room did not have table settings. The room has mirror walls, if budget wasn’t an issue, I’d pipe and drape the whole thing and add ambiance lighting. Each table has a lazy susan  in the center with soup bowls already laid out, so we couldn’t do much with decoration. It would’ve been nice to have tablecloths and chair covers to jazz up the space a bit, but that’s another item not in the budget. Since the food will be served family style on the lazy susan, our centerpiece would have to be removed, so Jane decided that we will forgo the floral centerpiece and go with a favor tower (inspired by martha stewart). We had hershey’s kisses boxed and ribboned and stacked them on a glass pedestal. It took  me weeks to research and built various prototypes to figure out a bargain way to DIY them. Basically, you take the clear glass salad plate and mini dessert wine glass from IKEA; add a litle bit of clear museum gel from the container store to temporarily secure the two pieces, and TA-DA! you have a cake stand/tabletop pedestal. (more lazy susan decoration) […]

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