Kelly & Glen’s Wedding

Kelly & Glen are married! I had the honor to coordinate their wedding day. I couldn’t have done it without my trusty assistant, aka husband, David, and my best friend, Kien. Thanks!

Bridesmaids counting red envelopes

Bridesmaids counting red envelopes (photo by Tanya Nguyen)

Groom and groomsmen fetching the Bride

Groom and groomsmen fetching the Bride (photo by Tanya Nguyen)

Groom and groomsmen making CUTE faces

Groom and groomsmen making CUTE faces (photo by Tanya Nguyen)

Kelly & Glen work together, and their boss let them borrow his gorgeous garden in Los Angeles to hold the western ring ceremony. The white chairs were set up by Kelly and the girls + Kien on Friday afternoon. We decorated the aisle with sunflowers and tulles. We placed sandalwood fans on every other chair, so the guests keep cool. Kelly and the girls made their own floral bouquet. Unfortunately, one of the bouquet started to fall apart before the ceremony started, thank goodness for the certified florist, Kien (Signature K), she reconstructed the bouquet and rewrapped the ribbons. Kelly prepared another tea set and red towels for the second tea ceremony for Glen’s family. The officiant, Lisette, integrated this into the ceremony seamlessly.

Sunflower ceremony aisle decor

Sunflower ceremony aisle decor (photo by David Wang)

Sandlewood Fan

Sandalwood Fan (photo by Cristalle Timbal)

Tea Ceremony Props

Tea Ceremony Props (photo by David Wang)

me carrying the bridesmaids bouquets

Me carrying the bridesmaids' bouquets (photo by David Wang)

Dave, Tina, Kelly & Glen

Dave, Tina, Kelly & Glen (photo by Gavin Holt)

Menu, table name card, and centerpiece

Menu, table name card, and centerpiece (photo by Tanya Nguyen)

Chinese Wedding Reception Games
Wedding cake

Wedding Cake (photo by Kien Nguyen)

Another hectic full-day coordination, but I loved every moment of it. The sense of accomplishment felt great! Especially seeing the smiles on the bride and groom’s faces is priceless.


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2 Responses to “Kelly & Glen’s Wedding”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Thank you Tina, David and Kien, you guys are the best out of the best. without you guys, the wedding will never go as perfect as planned. and Tina Thank you so much for the detailed timeline.

    Kelly & Glen

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    […] American Wedding By inthecloudsevents Yay! I’ve got Kelly & Glen’s wedding photos! WOooohooo! Gavin Holts, the photographer, took some amazing photos. I highly recommend […]

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