Budget Wedding Articles

diy-wish-cardsI know the economy sucks. I was laid off from Disney myself back in January. But don’t worry, I’ve got a new gig (after 6 months break) at Kaiser Permanente. I kinda like the change. Anyway, I’ve met several couples on a tight wedding budget and thought this list of articles will help some of you out there as well.

Hiring a wedding planner will really help you stay on budget because we know vendors and industry pricing/rates, the type of freebies they can throw in *wink*, give you inspirations and ideas.

diy-menu-cardDo-It-Yourself is also a great way to save $, but remember to DO IT YOURSELF, dont volunteer your friends or family member if they didnt volunteer themselves, because the last thing you want them to remember about your wedding is, ‘omg, i can’t believe we have to do all that for her wedding, ugh!” 

Plan out everything before you go to Michael’s, IKEA, Target, Wal-Mart, retails shops and spend all your money on candles, vases, or everything of your wedding color. If you can’t help yourself, please keep the receipts, so we can return or exchange them.

Email me if you need a wedding coordinator for month-of to tie up loose ends, or full wedding planner to help you locate vendors, monitor budget and payment schedule, and set up everything on the big day.


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