Vietnamese Wedding Gown Shopping

shopping for ao dai (vietnamese dress)

shopping for ao dai (vietnamese dress)

ao dai fabrics

ao dai fabrics

Kien needed a Vietnamese wedding gown (ao dai), so we met up in Garden Grove to shop for fabrics. There were a lot of mom and pop fabric shops off of Bolsa Avenue, and most of them have a seamstress that they contract or refer to.  The going price ‘seems’ to be $50-$70 for the fabric and another $50-$70 on seamstress, so total about $100-$140 per dress. The fabrics materials range from silk to velvet. Some are emboidered with gold thread and some have printed patterns. We didnt get anything today. Kien is going to ask her mom to help her negotiate the price.

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2 Responses to “Vietnamese Wedding Gown Shopping”

  1. paoling Says:

    those are pretty!

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    […] Vietnamese Dress (Ao-Dai) Shopping […]

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