Sweet and Saucy

Yummy and pretty sample cake (not cupcake)

Yummy and pretty sample cake (taken with my blackberry camera phone)

I met with my bride, Kien, today to shop for bridesmaid dresses and finalize wedding cake order. She decided to go with Sweet and Saucy, a newly started bakery based in Long Beach. The owner and dessert designer, Melody Brandon, is the sweetest vendor I’ve met. She showed us her gorgeous wedding cake designs, and various mini desserts that looked yummy yummy! For Kien’s wedding, she decided to order cupcakes with basic design and an assortment of mini desserts. Estimate is $3.00 per cupcake (might be higher for more intricate designs) and $1.50 per mini dessert. Since the wedding is in La Jolla, the delivery and set up fee is $150. Total cost would be around $900 for 100 cupcakes 250 mini desserts (approximately 2 pieces per person with extras). I’m so glad that Kien found Melody, I really enjoyed talking to her, and definitely adding her to my approved vendor list.


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