Easy DIY Cake Stand

I searched all over the internet, looking for cheap cake stands to use as Jane & Rico’s wedding centerpieces, but couldn’t find one within the budget. Since I was buying the materials out of my own pocket, I needed an easy, cheap, and temporary solution (so that I can return the items after the wedding).  I found this blog that showed how to assemble a cake stand by using a plate and a decorative candle holder, gluing the two pieces together with home improvement clear caulk.  After searching various Dollar Stores, discount stores, my co-worker, Milan, suggested that I check out IKEA. Voila! I found the items I needed, less than $5 for each cake stand.

Clear Salad Plate         Dessert Wine Glass            Museum Gel

clear_plae             dessert_wine              museum_gel1     

Place the dessert wine glass upside down and add a small amount of the museum gel on the base of the wine glass. Center and place the clear salad plate on top to secure. Dont push too hard, the glasses are fragile. Also, the museum gel may look translucent instead of clear, don’t worry, give it 5-10 min, it’ll clear right up.



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